The Patch Pouch All-in-One Drywall Repair Kit is a direct-to-wall kit that contains everything you need to fill holes fast. Our premium spackling compound applies direct to a hole or crack, or can be applied directly to a putty knife.

8-Piece Repair & Touch-up Kit

Everything you need but the paint

  • 12oz Spackle
  • 4″x4″ Metal Patch
  • 3″ Spackling Knife
  • 2 Sanding Sheets
  • Rubber Gloves
  • 3″ Foam Paint Brush
  • Touch-up Tray


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PureSky Products 8-Piece Kit


5-Piece Drywall Repair Kit

Everything you need to repair and patch drywall damage

  • 8oz Premium Spackle
  • 4″x4″ Fiber Patch
  • 3″ Spackling Knife
  • 2 Sanding Sheets


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PureSky Products 5-Piece Kit

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Will I need any special tools?

The Patch Pouch All-in-One Kits are designed to provide you with all the tools to repair a hole. The 5-Piece “Drywall Repair” Kit has everything you’ll need to “repair and patch” drywall damage. The 8-Piece “Repair & Touch-up” Kit has everything you need to fix the damage area, plus the tools for touching up the paint after the repair is made.

Is Patch Pouch All-in-One eco-friendly?

Patch Pouch uses a Propylene Glycol base which is less toxic and better for the environment than Ethylene Glycol base used in many competitive products.

Can I apply the Patch Pouch Kit's Spackle directly to my wall?

Yes! Patch Pouch’s EZ Apply Spackle Compound is designed to apply directly to a wall right from the convenient pouch! Simply cut the tube as indicated on the package and squeeze directly into the damaged area smoothing down with a putty knife.

How much area does the patch cover?

Our 4" x 4" Patch covers holes up to 3.5" in diameter.

After a hole is patched, can it hold a nail?

Patch Pouch is intended for the repair of small to large holes. While the patch is durable, it is not guaranteed as an anchoring device.

Do I have to use primer after applying the Patch Pouch Kit's Spackle?

Once dried, the Patch Pouch Kit's Spackle is ready for paint - no sanding or primer required.

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