PureSky Products MaxPatch Premium Spackle

MaxPatch Patch & Paint Formula

  • Ready to Paint
  • Water Clean-Up
  • No Priming or Sanding Required
  • Made in the USA

MaxPatch Interior/Exterior Premium Spackle

How to Apply:

  • Clean and dry surface.
  • Using a clean putty knife, press spackle firmly into hole or crack and smooth over.
  • Smaller repairs may be painted within 30 minutes with latex paint.
  • If sanding is desired or if oilbased paint is used, allow thorough drying of (1 to 4 hrs). Cooler temperatures and higher humidity will prolong drying time. Do not apply at temperatures below 50 degrees.
  • Store above freezing.
  • MaxPatch cleans up easily with water.


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Puresky Products MaxPatch Spackle


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Do I have to use primer after applying MaxPatch Premium Spackle?

Once dried, MaxPatch is ready for paint - no sanding or premier required.

Do I need a solvent to clean the MaxPatch from my knife and tools?

No, MaxPatch Premium Spackle cleans up easily with water.

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