PureSky Products specializes in products that solve everyday issues. Our unique process allows us to produce products and ideas from both internal and external innovators, which results in a confident product offering. While we’re always working on new ideas, we’re proud to show you the products we currently offer:

What People Are Saying

“Patch Pouch Kit made my home repairs easy. It was really nice not to have to buy a bunch of stuff that I would have had to buy. Everything I needed was in the bag!”

“I just used Spill Rescue in my car. No more mess.”

“Spilled paint came right up with Spill Rescue and I would use this on other things, too”

“MaxPatch makes my spackling jobs easy, neat and quick.”

“I always give Spill Rescue as a housewarming present, because it’s so handy to have around the house.”